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Ready for a Juice Boost?

Ready for a Juice Boost?

Local Juicers Offer a Spectrum of Options

Written and styled this shoot for EdibleDC Magazine Wellness Issue January 2018.

Photos by Kate Headley

Photos by Kate Headley

Beyond a fad, fresh juicing continues strongly on trend here in DC, driven by growing interest in healthy eating and mindful lifestyles. For a region of workers on the go, the ability to pack tons of nutrition into a single refreshing drink has timesaving upsides too. While juicing may be one of your favorite things to do in the kitchen, several local companies offer juicing and tonic options to supplement your diet or for a total cleanse.

The value proposition for a juicing regimen is the idea that the liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables contains necessary vitamins and minerals that we might not get from our daily intake of food.

We sat down with the founders of JRINK and Goûter to get some insight.

Photos by Kate Headley

Photos by Kate Headley

So, why should we buy commercially made juice instead of juicing at home? 

Shizu Okusa, founder of JRINK: Juices at any grocery store have been processed or pasteurized. Pasteurization helps extend the shelf life and minimize spoilage but can also kill all the good bacteria. Juicing at home can be great if you have time, but it can be difficult to make it taste good at home. The most important benefit is that our cold-press method extracts more nutrients per ounce than a home juice system can.

V Orban, founder of Goûter: We use alkaline water, which is not easy to find. The ingredients that we use are more supplements and superfoods that you don’t get elsewhere and difficult to make taste good. Also, when you purchase things at a grocery store they are pasteurized and lose some raw value. And of course, by supporting a local company, you empower our community.

What about people who complain about high calorie intake? 

Okusa: We don’t believe in counting calories, we believe in counting chemicals. We started this business by saying we don’t want any chemicals or preservatives in our juices. We want 100% all-natural fruits and vegetables and we believe in transparency. People are actually more interested in nutritional content like sugar, protein and fat content. We have zero added sugar and we are 100% fruit based.

Orban: Calories come from the coconut nectar in our product. Our tonics were created for people with an active lifestyle and who need calories from protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients to fuel your body. We wanted to take the emphasis off calorie counting and [focus] more on the quality of those calories for your active life.

Why does this make a great cleanse or reboot option? 

Okusa: A reboot is a little different from doing a cleanse from the aspect it’s about kick-starting a refreshed lifestyle. It’s pre-set program where the nutrition is figured out for you. We call it “peace of mind nutrition” so you don’t have to think about it.

Orban: Personally, I tried to do some typical juice cleanses and it just didn’t work for me. I felt full and bloated. The tonics we make are alkaline water mixed with extracted juices from fruits, veggies and superfoods. You feel satiated, but with the alkaline base I think people walk away feeling lighter, energized and nourished.


All-local and fresh sourcing using a cold-press method that claims to increase nutrient extraction by 40%. Delivery available.

Goûter Tonics

Raw organic tonics using alkaline water mixed with pressed fruit, vegetables and dried superfoods. Basic idea is that our diets are highly acidic and tonics help bring balance. Delivery available.

Greenheart Juice Co.

100% organic, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juice and nut milks. Retail in Great Falls, VA, and sold at Leesburg and Falls Church farmers markets. Pre-order for pickup available.

Misfit Juicery

This noted local juicer uses imperfect produce to make their juice, reducing food waste. Found at retailers throughout the DMV. Full list at misfitjuicery.com. 


Certified organic cold-pressed juices and delicious vegan bites, great avocado toast. Located at City Center DC and available on Uber Eats. More info at fruitive.com.

Jinsei Juice

Offering organic, locally sourced, non-pasteurized and non-GMO juices and tonics, retail kiosk at Tysons Corner Center on the second floor, full delivery available for the DC area.

South Block Juice Co.

Offering cold-pressed juices, smoothies and acai bowls at multiple locations in DC and VA, pre-order and pickup available for juice multi-packs or cleanses.


Raw juice using locally sourced produce; cold-pressed juice delivered or at seasonal farm market locations in DC and VA.  

Purée Juice Bar

Organic, non-pasteurized, cold pressed juices. Locations in DC, MD and VA with delivery or pre-order pickup available.  

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